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"Green Office Week 2012 has been a great success. This year we’ve seen real evidence of workers wholeheartedly engaging with the daily themes and actively trying to make a difference in their offices. The wide variety in the sizes and sectors of the organisations taking part this year has been wonderful to see too. We’re absolutely delighted with the tremendous backing Green Office Week has seen in 2012."
Gregg Corbett, Marketing Director

Our panel of eco experts at Business 2012.

In response to a brief for a new eco-friendly initiative from Avery, Footprint Communications created Green Office Week, which aimed to unite office workers around the country in an effort to effect change.

We Listened

To Avery when they briefed us to think of a new eco-friendly initiative which would:

  • Raise awareness of the brand outside of its traditional audiences.
  • Position them as an eco-thought leader in the office world. 

We Thought

How could we make this bigger and better than they ever dreamed of?

We had an inkling that people find it easier to be green at home and forget about the environment when they leave for work each day. And we wondered: why?  We tested our theory with YouGov research and discovered that office workers are not apathetic towards green issues but are instead hampered by a lack of empowerment, practical guidance and resources in the workplace.

Having proven our theory, we used strategic thinking, careful budget planning and creative integrated communications to create a plan that would work for Avery.  Then we thought: “how can we avoid clichés that could potentially lead to the idea being labelled greenwash?” Rather than being overly-aspirational, we knew we had to offer down to earth practical advice and realistic guidance on the small things we can all do to make a difference while at work.  And we knew it had to be easy and flexible for people to take part. 

We Acted

Green Office Week (GOW) launched in Spring 2009.  Each year the campaign continues to evolve, utilising daily themes which enable people to choose the most appropriate ideas for their specific office environment.

Tactics in 2012 included:

  • We commissioned a new OnePoll survey of UK workers which revealed more than half would be happier and more positive at work if the companies they work for were more supportive of their efforts to be environmentally friendly.
  • We produced a downloadable ‘Green Offices For Dummies’ guide. The most recognised and accessible reference brand in the world, it added instant appeal and endorsement to the campaign.
  • At Business 2012 we put together a panel of eco experts who answered questions on improving sustainability and environmental efforts in the workplace.
  • Our Green League rewarded people for their green behaviour through the completion of fun, daily tasks.
  • We organised a junk modelling competition with Dragon’s Den investment winner and junk upcycler-extraordinaire Max McMurdo.
  • A campaign microsite, the educational centre-point of the campaign, was updated to provide up-to-date downloadable resources, press releases, blogs and links to social media - www.greenofficeweek.eu.

Green Office Week is now a multi award-winning week with engagement at all levels and on a nationwide scale. More importantly, there has been evidence of GOW being the springboard for real behavioural change in offices throughout the UK. 

And the results?

  • There were 183 million opportunities-to-see (OTS), attracting national and regional coverage from The Daily Telegraph through to the Manchester Evening News.
  • Avery had a significant share of voice in 15 green features across both key industry trade and consumer titles, positioning them as a credible source of green office advice and products.
  • Leading brands and organisations shared news and statistics during GOW including Aviva, Microsoft, Rowse Honey, Hull City Council and The Chartered Institute of Management demonstrating widespread activity.
  • Personal endorsement from influential office products editors, the Office Show and leading eco-organisations such as the Carbon Trust, Forum for the Future, Ethical Corporation, Global Action Plan and many key ‘green’ bloggers further built credibility for Avery.
  • Recognition from popular business resources including Bloomberg Business Week, Microsoft Small Business Centre, New Business, Fresh Business Thinking, Talk Business, HR Zone amongst others demonstrated that GOW was firmly established on the business calendar. 

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